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Today I see a clearer picture that explains Edil Ramirez's lack of communication and lack of professional integrity. Diego is not an electrician and knew his 2 "electrician" buddies were completely clueless after installing this mess and at the end of a hot day, they all gave up and wanted no further responsibility to correct their mess.

These three stooges just wanted to get paid (in full) and leave! Diego deliberately created this "song and dance" response to irritate us so that we would fire him. He had no intention and no integrity of returning and fixing his mistakes! Our licensed Electrician we hired was completely dumbfounded at Top Top Renovation's work - labeling their "finished" work a serious Fire Hazard!

Our electrician had to dismantle and discard EVERYTHING and start over. According to our electrician, here is what Edil Ramirez of Top Top Renovation did: > installed old, rusty, used, defective breakers while charging us for "new" ones > installed a 220amp breaker to feed into a 60amp wire causing surges that blew up lightbulbs and appliances in our house > created a bad contact/connection between 2 wrapped wires, the wires were barely connecting causing weakness which explains why several outlets and switches had no or weak power > had a neutral (white) wire installed into a breaker - served absolutely no purpose > the entire panel circuitry was not grounded > panel had no deadfront panel, all wires completely exposed > panel was too small, no room to add more breakers Not only did Top Top Renovation LLC completely ripped us off, Edil Ramirez created a serious fire hazard jeopardizing my home and my family! To all Florida homeowners - Beware of Top Top Renovation LLC (formerly 101 Renovations).

Edil Ramirez is not to be trusted! He needs to be exposed as a thief and a scam artist!

Product or Service Mentioned: Top Top Renovation Electric Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Expose Top Top Renovation and Edil Ramirez as thieves!.

I didn't like: Unscrupulous, Scam, Thieves.

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Edil - you are some piece of work!Attempting to absolve yourself by redirecting blame onto this third person (Henry Ruiz) whom you were directly responsible and personally brought in to work is pathetic. Completely unprofessional and your response is childish and ignorant and if you believe everything you just wrote, well then, you are a POS and your business deserves to be CLOSED!Your line of work may be "tile installation" but we were hiring a handyman and your business "Top Top Renovations" came recommended.

You sat in our kitchen in Sep 2017 and we discussed and agreed to an itemized list of home improvement projects, NONE of which had to deal with tile installation.On 9/14/2017, you emailed us a contract proposal with cost estimates of supplies and labor and the FIRST item on your project list was the main exterior Electrical breaker box repair. For someone who "do not do electrical work", you failed to decline this project but went forward to quote us cost estimates for the electical supplies and repair on the contract proposal that you wrote; who the {{Redacted}} are you trying to fool with your "I do not understand about electric" response?!And lets look at other items on the contract you wrote up and agreed to work on and gave estimates:You are Not an electrician but are you a painter? On our contract, you gave us cost for estimates for painting our ceiling and baseboards, and painting our small bedroom and kitchen.Are you a roofer? On our contract, you gave us cost for estimates to repair and replace our rain gutters.Are you a carpenter?

On our contract, you gave us cost for estimates for fixing our exterior wooden decking and steps and installing a door.Are you a plumber? On our contract, you gave us cost for estimates of switching our kitchen hot/cold water supply and capping our exterior plumbing. And according to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR), you were cited in early 2017 for unlicensed plumbing work under your previous business LLC, 101 Renovations! Apparently, you did not learned from your violation, just rinse and repeat your scam under a different LLC!You, Edilberto Ramirez, are NOT "clean" of all this.We had a written contract that you created between us.

We do not know Henry Ruiz.You outsourced the electrical work to 2 stooges who were NOT knowledgeble nor licensed and then turn around to say you are not responsible for their fire hazard mess because you were just some bystander who did "not do the work"??? Wow, you pathetic POS!You were complicit and perpetuated the lie that your fake electrician buddy said to you that the "problem were the outlets because they were too old". Again, all communications we had were with you and you only, not Henry Ruiz.May I remind you of our last communication, you texted us on Tuesday 9/19/2017 @ 5:51PM EST and gave us this boldface lie (see inserted pic): "I was there earlier. I checked the input power.

There is weakness on some of the outlet because they are old. I should be there on Saturday morning with my electrician. Will pick up materials for the deck and walls and will talk about prices for outlets and switches".Aside from the fact that you lied about coming to our house on 9/19/17 and checking the input power (which did not happened since we were home and you never showed), in your response here, you claimed you tried to contact Henry Ruiz "many times no luck" and that when you finally reached him, he said "the job was done and he hung up".

If this is what really happened with Mr. Ruiz, how did this translate to "I should be there on Saturday morning with my electrician" in your text?Any business professional with integrity would own up to his mistakes, even mistakes created by his own people he brought into the project and do everything to make things right with his customers.You, Edil, are a real piece of work - avoiding ownership of the mistakes you caused and lying about it.You blamed the 2 stooges you outsourced and even fault the customer.Since you are denying any wrongdoings, despite being investigated and found to have commitied violations and cited by the DBPR, you are (and forever will be labeled on the internet) a CROOK!!!


This is Edil ...first of all i did not do the work .this was a reference to a electrician . that i knew ..i do not do electric work ..

My line of work is tiles installation. Big deferent ) right .? The reason i was there is is becouse. The electrician.

Wanted to get paid on the spot AND CASH .. So i had nothing to do that day ... Yes i made $ 100 thats all ...for giving the gig to HIM .. I do not understand about electric .

when the job was done .there was a problem with the lights in side ..( the electrician told me customer has to change the some outlets they maybe to old ... I had explained to customer ..what the electrician said . costumer call me and text me a.few times and did reply .. I WAS TRYING TO CONTACT THE ELECTRICIAN HIS NAME IS ( HENRY RUIZ ) FACEBOOK .I TRY TO CONTACT HIM MANY TIMES NO LUCK .

When i did ..he told me the job was done and he hung up . and top top renovation was closed .

do to i was not the ceo ..i was employed extended . I'M CLEAN ...OF ALL THIS .I REPEAT MY SELF ..I DID NOT DO THE WORK .


Add ignoramus to the list ...


Below is the original complaint made against Edilberto Ramirez of Top Top Renovation LLC.

In additional to being ripped off of $1500, we had to spend another $200 to replace the appliances that got destroyed due to the electrical surge created by Edil and his stooges.

In several text responses, Edil "Diego" Ramirez blamed all the electrical issues on the outlets and switches - calling them old and outdated. Nothing can be far from the truth. After a real certified electrician corrected Diego's mess, all outlets and switches were functioning - not one needed to be replaced.

Edilberto Ramirez is a fraud!

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Top Top Renovation LLC is Top Top Unprofessional

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In mid-September 2017, we needed a handyman to do a series of home improvement work in our Fort Lauderdale, Florida house. Improvements would include dry wall repairs, install new bedroom door, build exterior wood decking, install/repair plumbing, electrical, etc.

Diego (aka. Edil Ramirez) of TopTopRenovations, LLC (formerly 101 Renovations of Hollywood, FL) came highly recommended by a friend and we contacted him. Our first meeting was very cordial and professional. We sat and itemized a complete list of projects and defined the scope of the work.

Diego emailed us back a proposal with cost estimates of supplies and labor - very resonable and we accepted his contract. Great, all was good. We shook hands and agree that he will begin work on the first coming Saturday. Project 1 - Replace and repair exterior main electrical box breaker panel (project cost $1500).

Diego and his electrician buddies came Saturday morning and completed the project in about 6 hours. When the power was turned back on, we had electrical issues. The surge blew out several lightbulbs and some appliances in all rooms at the front of the house. The outlets and surge was fine in the back of the house where we had recent renovations done about 2 years ago.

The probable root cause was all outlets and switches in the front of the house were old and outdated. Solution was to change them all out. Ok fine - lets get this done (since our kitchen, washer/dryer and living room/bedrooms was in the front of the house and we can't turn anything on). Diego verbally informed us that he and his electrician will return the next day (Sunday) to evaluate the impacted switches and outlets.

Sunday morning came - no show. I texted Diego and he responded at noon to say that he and his electrician will stop by tomorrow (ie. Monday) to figure out the electrical issues. I immediately texted back to say that we have work on Monday but I will make sure I will be home by 1PM to let him into the house.

No response. Monday arrived. I returned home at 1PM. No show, no communications, nothing from Diego.

I called Diego Monday evening, we chatted and he says that he will be there tomorrow (Tuesday) around 3PM. Ok fine, Tuesday afternoon it is. Tuesday came and went. Again no show.

And again no communications. But Tuesday evening at 5:51PM, we get this strange text from Diego. "Hi. I was there earlier.

I checked the input power, there is weakness on some of the outlet because they are old. I should be there on Saturday morning with my electrician. Will pick up materials for the deck and walls and will talk about prices for outlets and switches." Seriously??!!! Did you just blantantly LIED to us?

You never showed and certainly did not showed at the time you promised. How the *** did you get into our house to "test the outlets", or if you were there to check the exterior breaker box, how the *** did you get into our backyard since both our side gates were locked. And if you really were there and no one answered the front door, any professional contractor would immediately CALL the customer to say "hey I'm here". And to verify to us that we have "old outlets" is not new information from your Saturday, Sunday and Monday's assessment.

Basic {{Redacted}} is what you are doing. We understand *** happens and sometimes you just can't meet your schedule (especially right now after Hurricane Irma). We just ask that you communicate any delays, setbacks or cancellations, this is what most professionals do. But no communications and now completely lying to us removes all trust and integrity.

We immediately went and hired a licensed electrician to correct the mess Top Top Renovations LLC created.

Consumers Beware! Top Top Renovations LLC Cell: 305-417-0776 Office: 954-548-1436 Email:

Product or Service Mentioned: Top Top Renovation Home Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: No communications, Lied, Complete lack of professionalism.



Below is a followup link to what we uncovered after our certified licensed electrician came in to inspect and fix the fire hazard created and abandoned by Edilberto Ramirez of Top Top Renovation LLC. He basically took our money and ran fully knowing his finished work was a complete mess.

He had no intentions of returning, just created a song and dance about when he would return and basically lied so that we would fire him and hire someone else. Edil "Diego" Ramirez has absolutely NO professional integrity and cannot be trusted!

Florida businesses and homeowners beware!

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